3 Reasons Why Every Tradie Needs Public Liability Insurance


Whether you run your own business, or you’ve been subcontracted to work on another project, you must take steps to ensure your safety and others around you. If you are a tradie who works in the construction industry, your line of work comes with an increased risk of accidents and injuries. Without the right protection, you and your business could run into a lot of problems if something goes wrong on the job.

  1. Regulations & Requirements

Although the law differs from state to state, it is generally the same when it comes to work on construction sites and any other type of building site. Public liability is a must if you are working on any building or construction project. This is the reason why tradesman insurance is so important. If something goes wrong, you’re insured to cover the cost. As a tradie, you’ll find that most sites won’t even let you enter, and start work unless you can prove you have the right insurance policy. Tradies such as electricians and plumbers need to have liability insurance before they can take on any jobs.

  1. Prevent Liability Costs

If something happens in the workplace and you don’t have insurance, you could be hit with a massive bill and legal action. When accidents happen in the workplace, the cost of repair can be astronomical. Some workplace incidents can range from a few dollars to millions, depending on the problem. If you don’t have insurance cover, the cost will come straight out of your own pocket. If the bill is substantial, it could bankrupt your business.

  1. Company Reputation

When we think of public liability insurance, we rarely think of the connection between an insurance policy and our business reputation. In the event of an accident on the site, you want investors, clients, and employees to know that you are fully covered and can deal with any setbacks in a professional manner. Accidents happen and your brand can take a hit, but with public liability insurance, at least you know you are dealing with the situation in the right manner. You set a good example to keep customers happy.

In Australia, thousands of workers make liability claims every year. On average, close to 50 people die each year on construction sites alone. Because of many factors, construction sites are riskier than other workplace settings. Tradies and others work alongside heavy-duty machines and materials. If something goes wrong, insurance protects your best interests.