316 stainless steel plate types


316 stainless steel plate is a steel component used in many applications where a strong and anticorrosive surface material is needed. There are different types of the plates. Their types are mainly separated with their thickness and material grade. The thickness is also part of the grading. For example, the type 316-1550-96 is 1 ½ inches thick. The thickness is sometimes referred in millimeters. The 316-1000-96 is 25.4mm thick. The number after 316 usually refers to the thickness in inches. If the type is 316-750-96, it means the thickness is 0.75 inches. The different types are used in different applications.

The very high demanding aerospace engineering will require the most heat resistant and strongest 316 stainless steel plate. In the meantime, domestic applications would require very low mechanical properties of the plate. The differences in applications also pave a way for the different types of the same material made plates. The plates could be used in tankers and containers to make sure that the ingredients don’t corrode the container material. Also these are used in the food industry specifically because of their antibacterial properties. The plates are produced in larger sheets. The stainless steel 316 sheet is then cut to size to fit the need of the customer or application. The applications range from transportation to aerospace. They could be used in domestic or high end industrial applications depending on the need. Likewise, the prices of stainless steel plate also range depending on the types, grades and application requirements.

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