Blogging In 2019: How To Make A Blog For Free!


Blogging has become a way of life for a lot of people in 2019. The fact that it combines ones passion for food, travel or lifestyle into a readable and acknowledgeable platform that pays is in itself wondrous. And ever since blogging became a mainstream thing, people have started to move towards it. 2019 is a year that is highly rewarding to a lot of bloggers with money, fame and prosperity.

If you are someone running on a budget and want to give blogging a try, you can creating a website for free and begin with your journey. Here are some ideas that might work for you!

Find your niche

It is very important to understand what niche you belong to. One should highlight that areas that they are passionate about and the topics they are interested to talk about to people at large. Your blog is a reflection of your personality, ideas and choice in life. It is very personal. And so your niche should connect to your passion and translate into blog. Find your niche and a suitable name to go with it.

Create your blog

The next step is to create a blog for your niche. When you have selected a name go for a free blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger to run a blog for free. But if you want something more static and long lasting opt to design your own blogging website at really pocket friendly prices. Seek the help of professionals to get started with designing your blog.

Write, publish and promote

Here the fun part starts. Unleash your ideas in the form of blog posts and create a readable piece by writing your story, adding pictures and videos and sharing as much information you want. Once you are done writing a complete post, publish it on the blog and on other social media channels to promote it to the public. The more reads you get the more popular your blog becomes.

Make money blogging

Blogging works on traffic. Converting your readers into money is easy when you have enough traffic. Get a Google Adsense account and connect it with your blog to convert the traffic into money. Alternatively you can sell books, personal belongings and many more things to your readers who would love to buy something from you.

Blogging is a journey that can alter your way of life. Begin slowly. 2019 is a great time to give your blogging dream a chance!

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