CPF Investment Singapore- Focusing On Making Your Retired Life Happy And Content


A great way of making your retirement life worth living is to invest in cpf investment singaporeAll working-class citizens must invest in a central provident fund or CPF. Together the employers and employees make sure that you have a good investment ready when you retire. Monthly contributions are made to the CPF by both the employers and employees.

Why is CPF important?

Central provident fund or CPF is the pillar of social security in Singapore. It plays a key role in achieving the retirement goals of an employee. Though it focuses mainly on the employee’s retirement, it can be used for other purposes too. The CPF can be used for the following:

  • Healthcare needs
  • Homeownership
  • Family protection
  • For growing your assets

About CPF or central provident fund

The fund is contributed to monthly installments by the employer and the employee. Your contributions go to three accounts:

  • Ordinary account
  • Special account
  • Medisave account

At the age of 55, your funds in an ordinary account and special account are transferred to your retirement account. The government assists the lower-income working class with top-ups in Medisave for senior citizens and by schemes such as workforce.

Achieve your retirement goals

With the government providing these schemes for its citizens it is always good to grab every opportunity you get to grow your funds. Make your retirement life easy and peaceful with CPF investment Singapore.

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