Ensuring Proper Product Packaging During Distribution for Optimal Protection


Every business will want to pick effective packaging to ensure their products get maximum protection while they save money on the cost. During the packaging design, it is essential to have full visibility of the distribution environment by tracking the journey of the products from production to consumption. This will help in determining the major components of the design and materials used. Belley can help you in terms of your packaging and storage needs. Keep reading to know how to best protect your product:

Assessing Common Distribution Risks

The best packaging design should be able to withstand the worst-case distribution environment with minimal damage. As a business owner, you must be aware of the common distribution risks on your packaging such as the following:

  • Handling. Both people and machine will handle your package. Rough handling can take place from either source. For instance, a delivery person may drop a box into the concrete or a carton may fall off of a forklift.

  • Stacking. Cartons can crush and collapse during storage and shipment. If boxes are stacked too high in a warehouse, they can break and crush the products inside them. Tight stacking in trucks and the impact during transportation can lead to compression that can reach up to significant downward pressure per square foot on the boxes’ bottom tier.
  • Vibration. The vibrations from vehicles can be risky on improperly packaged metal, glass, and plastic components during transportation. Usually, boxes end up shifting and rubbing against each other, resulting in tears in the packaging.
  • Environmental factors. It is also essential to take environmental factors into account during product distribution. Temperature and humidity conditions can impact products and packaging materials in normal chains; however, the main concern is for products that are sensitive to temperature. These products include pharmaceuticals and foods both of which have special requirements that must be observed.

Choosing the Right Packaging Materials

Products that are packed using the wrong packaging materials can get damaged and wasted. That is why you want your products to be 100% protected during distribution by using the right packaging boxes. For most packaging needs, corrugated boxes are often the best solutions. The packaging can be designed to meet the demands of your supply chain. Also, the design can be optimized to keep costs low and boost eco-friendly efforts. Using fewer materials and minimizing your carbon footprint will help improve the image of your business and let you give serious contributions to saving the planet.

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