How Does Motor Insurance Help During the Monsoons?


Monsoon is the much-awaited season bringing relief and joy to everyone in the country, right from kids to our beloved farmer friends. Solving various problems that otherwise start to build over the other nine months, monsoon also has its fair share of predicaments.

One such concern, as the rains touch the land, is the problem of flooding. The torrential rains end up disrupting the normal lives having an impact on the property as well as living beings. Each year monsoon witnesses a record number of motor insurance policy claims. This number is consistently on the rise.

There are instances when your parking space is filled with water. In such a situation, if you turn on the car, it can cause water ingression and eventually lead to engine failure. These kinds of damages are not covered under standard comprehensive car insurance policies and require specific add-ons. Let us look at a few tips on how motor insurance can make your life easy, especially during the rains.

Top-up your car insurance policy with Engine Protect add-on

As mentioned above, turning on the ignition when submerged underwater will result in more damage to the engine. This is also known as consequential loss, and your claim can be denied. It is best to avail an engine protection cover as an add-on to your existing insurance cover if you reside in a flood-prone region. Apart from water damage, damage to the gearbox, transmission as well as leakage of lubricants is covered under this top-up cover. The sedan category of cars that have low ground clearance is recommended this add-on as the chance of an engine seizure is high. Available at a fraction of the price, it is better to invest in an additional insurance cover than burning a hole in your pocket to get your engine fixed.

Avail a Roadside Assistance Cover

Another additional coverage that comes handy, whether for the monsoon or not is roadside assistance cover. It is also marketed as RSA cover by different insurance companies. If you have your vehicle stranded in the middle of nowhere with no immediate help available, you can contact your RSA number and get your car home to the nearest service station. This facility is useful, particularly during the rain as stalling due to water logging causes your vehicle to break down. Alternatively, if your RSA cover does not provide towing assistance, it shall reimburse the cost of towing your vehicle.

Buy a Zero Depreciation Insurance plan

In case you require to file a claim for any accident or damages, the claim amount is paid after accounting for depreciation. This can cause loss at the time of reimbursement of the claim. However, if you avail a zero depreciation add-on, you shall receive the entire cost of repairs without accounting for depreciation on it. One thing you must note is that this insurance cover is not available for cars older than five years old. The cost of zero depreciation add-on is based on the insured declared value of your vehicle.

Remember that motor insurance policies are not only a regulatory requirement, but also come handy when you need them the most. So whether you are looking for a four or two wheeler insurance online, don’t forget to look into the add-ons mentioned above that make your monsoon easier and hassle-free.