Tips For Supporting Mental Health Issues In The Workplace


When your workplace is a busy and stressful environment, your employees’ mental health can significantly impact your business’s productivity and efficiency. You will want to do everything you can to help protect your workforce from mental issues and provide as much support as possible for anyone experiencing mental health issues. It will benefit your entire business when you prioritise mental health and show your employees that they are a bigger priority than profits. Below are some tips that can help create a nurturing and protective work environment to safeguard your employee’s mental health, making it a more pleasant workplace.

Give Employees A Voice

You will want to have a forum where people can voice any concerns or things affecting their mental health. You can create a company intranet to give employees an open forum, within reason, so they have somewhere to talk and sound off on any issues within your workplace. However, not everyone likes to do things publicly, so you will also want anonymous employee satisfaction surveys where people can air their grievances.

Show Managements Vulnerability

Many employees put management on a pedestal and think they do not have the same problems that many of us face. However, this is not true, and you can also put your company intranet to work and have management take turns writing blog posts on what affects them and their mental health. They can also say what they have learned to help them cope with their mental health issues, showing employees that managers are humans.

Bring Everyone Together As A Team

You can also consider holding regular mental health team-building activities, which can significantly benefit your organisation. These activities can help your employees recognise when people might be suffering, develop empathy for those struggling with mental health issues, and open up lines of communication. Various companies can help you with these events, and XL Events Mental Health team-building activities are an excellent choice for your business. They can help bring your team closer, learn to support each other, and create a caring and welcoming environment for your employees.

Offer Training To Employees

You can also consider providing your employees with skills to help them perform their roles better, such as communication skills and mental health training. Increasing the skills of your workforce can help keep them much happier, give them a sense of purpose and belonging, and boost your employees’ productivity. You should consider the cost of training as an investment rather than an expense, and it can help with your employees’ mental health and bring everyone closer together as a team.

Offer Flexibility

Where possible, offering flexibility to your employees can also help improve their mental health and reduce stress levels. Some workers may be able to work remotely and still care for family, with many remote workers being more productive when working remotely. Flexible start and finish times can also help with appointments and school runs, and as long as they make up the time and work their contracted hours, it should not be a problem.

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